Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sea Turtle

Last night I had a dream, my son and I were walking along the beach when suddenly a sea turtle appeared asking for help. The poor sea creature was badly hurt that it couldn't even moved its shell and was drifting by the waves. Astonished rather than moved by mercy, my son approached it and ask: "what are you, a dolphin or a penguin?"

sometimes it is really hard to figure things out especially if the moment does not fall within our so-called comfort zones. we seem to avoid those that made us uncomfortable, uneasy. we seemed to be rather preoccupied with the things that remotely affect us, like the headlines about holywood stars. we simply pass off those things that really matter.

the way i see it, this is one of the most problematic aspects of making people turn their heads and hearts for the environment. how do we encourage people to be aware of what is really going on and participate in the tasks of nurturing the planet. as long as we avoid to confront the issue, the tidious battle for the planet cannot move forward. we may have al gore and other other influential people who tirelessly advocate the environmental concerns, but they can only do much. There may have other "inconvenient truths" produced, published, and they may even win academy awards or nobels, but until they are unwritten and put into something real and effected, we may have to expect defeats. until we turn our gaze towards the very soil we are standing and carress it with our own hands, we may have to expect other sea turtles adrift by our shores begging us to listen.

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...please where can I buy a unicorn?