Saturday, April 21, 2007

Now for the story of the falls.

It was a great holy friday, but i believe not for the pious people of mayoyao. the kids were simply enjoying their togetherness, although a faction is starting to emerge. Tugel took the 1st word, nonong the fourth and no-el, the ninja preacher turned into a scout master, took the seventh and took the parishioners' breath away! and then we took couples of beers before finally embracing the soothing weather of the cordilleras.
then, holy saturday came. the appointed time to the falls had dawned. we were all caught by surprise but this day was actually our "good friday" observance. just like our LORD, it was indeed a day filled with falls, more than the three falls that the Nazarene had suffered. well, just ask tita angie (nonong's mom) about it. but after so many falls, we reach finally, not the calvary, but the falls - and it was a relief. the resurrection happened so quickly even for a while because we know deep inside ourselves that we have to experience those falls again. and jerome actually and quite literally demonstrated what that fall means. but then, he was actually inspiring because after the fall, what we heard was the very consoling word "I'M ALIVE!" for indeed we are all are. THANKS FOR THE FALLS!

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