Saturday, April 28, 2007

xandiwa boys

ang gandang pagmasdan. konting panahon na lang, may magmamana na. 21 years na pala since 1986, matanda na talaga tayo. tinutubuan na nga ako ng puting buhok, marami-rami na nga eh.
but here is the continuation of the mayoyao experience. it has been a long a time since i have attended Easter Vigil, if i am not mistaken, the last time was in bicol, amos was yet to be born. it was a great experience especially after hearing kuya noel's matchbox story.
this particular day was special not only because it was holy saturday, but it was also mina's & fr. bong's birthday. after the vigil, the birthday celebration started. it was a touching celebration. indeed, fr. bong is well-loved by his flock. we sang sandiwa and the mayoyao people sang their pieces. and then it was time to rest. we were simply tired.

Easter Sunday! while our ninja-preacher was at it again doing what he loves and does best, the whole of xandiwa was finding their easter eggs. this time, the boys had unwitted the girls. while i was hiding those colorful eggs, the boys had victoriously spied on me. it was good thing though that the girls happened to spy the boys and told us what they discovered. but the crime had already been committed. but come to think of it, should the women of jerusalem didn't peak on the tomb of the nazarene, there shouldn't have been easter celebration. without that curiousity, christianity could not have been born. of course that's another story.

the time to say goodbye to mayoyao had come. but not yet.

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