Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mountain Biking

mountain biking is now becoming popular in the philippines... and maybe considered as an "in" thing in the sports and hobbies lists.

i started pedalling as early as the highschool days when my uncle bought me a bike, which was then called "semi-racer". however, since i graduated from highschool, took college and started to work and got married, this span of more than 20 years, i totally forgot about biking. until one day, a friend told me about his addiction to mtbiking... in 2008, just before my birthday, my loving wife asked me what would i want for a gift on my birthday... i told her, "what about a bike?"

she bought me one, a mall bike, steel bike but good enough for exercise... i used that bike for more than five months... did some road riding until i finally got the feel of biking again... and then i bought a decent mountain bike... good enough to hit the trails... and this present rig has already 3000 kms under its belt...

i do bike commuting 3 times a week and a trail run on weekends...

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