Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sad Day for Mountain Biking

i was supposed to do a quick ride that morning, well, just to let my thigh muscles relaxed after a long ride two days ago... to do this, i thought of assaulting shotgun, a favorite destination that will surely shock the whole out of me. beside, shotgun is just a few kilometers from home.

before leaving, my wife reminded me to be back before 0900H, since it's easter sunday and we need to participate in the church celebration... oh yes, its easter sunday, so i expected a very wonderful quickie.

i started pedaling at around 0630H, i was in a hurry to reach the shotgun's trailhead so the heat of the sun wouldn't catch me up as i rode that uphill. and then as i started the ascent, a truck filled with garbage overtook me, first strike... dust and smoke made the road partly invisible for a moment; but that was okay, had those dose several times already... but the foul stench of garbage and wastes almost made me dismount and simply collapse. the good thing is, it is easter sunday and i know that there'll gonna be a resurrection at the end of the road... so i continued on.

after reaching the sharp curve of the ascent somewhere on the middle of the whole shotgun's stretch, i need to dismount and rest a little... cleaned my nose and got ready to ride again... when another truck passed me by with all the stench, second strike... where are they heading? i wondered.
well again, its easter sunday...

quickly, i mounted my bike and pedaled hurriedly, another truck might overtook me again, i couldn't bear any longer, so i thought. reached the top really quick and started the downhill portion... and on the last uphill stretch of the road, i suddenly heard a truck's engine coming now from atop... heading towards me as i was uphilling, dust & smoke enveloped me again, but no foul stench... now i am almost certain... another one coming down... they were fast in unloading the garbage... where are they dumping those wastes?

and then as i was about to reach the top, another truck passed by with all those stinky matters and alas, they are dumping now the garbage to that "sanitary" landfill, third strike... IT IS A SAD DAY... ON RESURRECTION DAY!!!

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